Screen premiere 

My first UX project. This one takes me back. The main idea was to create a movie theater seat reservation app with the options of purchasing concessions all on one easy-to-use app.

I was able to lead the project as the main User Researcher and UX designer by completing the usability studies, designing the wireframes, and designing the high-fidelity prototypes. The rest of the details can be seen by viewing my case study of the final project.

Ashlee Royal Cakes

This one was just for fun. I used Adobe XD platform to make the desktop and mobile web versions of the website. My wife, Ashlee, is an amazing cake decorator, and has always wanted to start a side hustle of selling her delicious cakes.  I decided to create a website design for her to sell her cakes.

The user journey and designs can be found in my case study.

mockup design of a cake business with contact information


I took my passion and knowledge of physical fitness to design an app and website to encourage healthy lifestyles and building a positive community.

FitnessFriends is a fitness app with a social media feel. Users are able to select different forms of exercises based on their set difficulty, they can connect and message users of the app based on their location, schedule workouts by themselves (or form groups with users), and track goals in a journal they can write in daily.   

I lead the project as the main UX designer by completing usability studies, created mockups to adjust to fit all screen sizes (mobile, tablet, and desktop) designing the wireframes, and designing the high-fidelity prototypes.

I'm always looking to practice my design skills while I strive to become an expert UX designer. My portfolio will continue to grow with me and will improve as I do. I'm excited to keep creating and perfecting my skills.